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Notes: iTunes, NYC party, Jobs, iPod mini, PowerMacs

iTunes content updates tomorrow

Apple\'s iTunes Music Store did not roll-over today as it has historically done on Tuesdays, hinting that content announcements may be part of Wednesday\'s special media event. The store also failed to offer visitors an \"iTunes New Music Tuesday\" track and podcast.

As part of its content offerings on Wednesday, Apple is expected to announced that the iTunes Music Store will feature Madonna\'s new single \"Hung Up\" a full week before it\'s available in stores. The iTunes Music Store will also begin selling the pop singer\'s new album one day in advance of retail stores, complete with a special bonus track not shipping on retail CDs.

iTunes NYC after-party

Analysts and members of the media attending Motorola\'s iTunes phone launch after-party at Manhattan\'s Webster Hall will be treated to live performances from Common, The Juan Maclean and Stretch Armstrong, AppleInsider has been told.

The event will also feature an open bar and complimentary eats.

Jobs in Saratoga for horse races

Shortly after canceling plans to present the keynote address at this month\'s Apple Expo in Paris, sources say Steve Jobs on Saturday boarded his private Gulfstream V jet and flew to Saratoga, NY.

From there he was escorted via a Cadillac Escalade to the VIP seating area of the Saratoga race track for an afternoon of horse racing. Rumor has it that Jobs may have attended the races to watch his own horse compete, though there is no public record of him ever purchasing or owning a race horse.

Neither Apple nor representatives for Apple Expo have offered an explanation as to why Jobs suddenly backed out of hosting the opening keynote address at this year\'s show. However, it\'s believed that Apple may have been forced to push back several of its fall product introductions to a later date and venue.

iPod mini, high-end PowerMacs fading

Outside of Apple\'s direct distribution channels, stock of all iPod mini models has become increasingly constrained, sources are reporting. Apple is widely expected to refresh the smaller candy-colored players with flash memory-based storage and color screens. Current iPod minis contain monochrome displays and hard-disk-drive storage.

Meanwhile, the company\'s dual 2.7GHz PowerMac G5 appears to be fading fast. In the US, Apple lists the desktops for availability in 7 to 10 business days. However, some European Apple resellers have been told not to expect any further shipments of the high-end model. Instead, Apple has told these resellers that their best bet would be to settle for dual 2.3GHz models.