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Silent recall issued for some MacBook Pro batteries

Apple Computer\'s AppleCare division has acknowledged that an issue exists with a small number of early MacBook Pro batteries and is cross-shipping fresh replacements to customers experiencing specific issues, according to reports.

The problem appears to affect MacBook Pro models with serial numbers up to W8608, suggesting that only those notebooks manufactured during the first two weeks of MacBook Pro production are potentially affected.

Apple has reportedly issued a silent recall of batteries showing symptoms that include: the battery level going from a full charge to 90 percent then immediately to no charge; the battery\'s charge instantly depleting to a single blinking LED; the battery failing to respond at all; or the battery experiencing any other sizable loss of capacity.

Meanwhile, a group of MacBook Pro owners, disgruntled with ongoing heat and \"whining\" issues prevalent in early MacBook Pros, plan to band together for a day of action on May 20th.

\"Apple seems to be taking these annoyances very lightly, and as such, something needs to be done,\" the group\'s organizer wrote on the Web site. \"We need to let Apple know we\'re tired of them not paying attention to our complaints.\"

The organizer urges that MacBook Pro owners experiencing whining and heat issues call Apple support on May 20th \"and tell them about it.\"

Apple, however, already appears to be aware of the problems. The company this week served a cease and desist order to the webmaster of Something Awful after one of the site\'s users posted a link to the MacBook Pro service manual in an effort to help some users remedy their MacBook Pro heat issues.