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Apple and Nike: Tune Your Run?

Rumors are abound that Apple and Nike may be on the verge of announcing some form of partnership as early as today.

The buzz began early Monday evening when CNBC's "On The Money" aired a brief segment about an unknown partnership between Apple and Nike that was expected to be announced on Tuesday.

The two corporate giants have apparently called a press conference in New York City at 11:00 AM EST, but have otherwise been very secretive as to what they are going to announce.

Darren Rovell at ESPN did some digging and turned up a May 22, 2006 Nike filing with the New Zealand Patent and Trademark Office on the phrase "Tune Your Run."

In the filing, the shoe maker describes "Tune Your Run" as and "apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; computer peripherals, computer hardware, computer software, MP3 players, electronic devices; manuals sold as a unit therewith; parts and fittings in this class for all the aforesaid goods."

Followup checks also reveal that Nike is the registered owner of, though the Web site was not active as of press time.

Apple and Nike were previously rumored to have entered into a partnership in 2004 when some Apple retail employees were given free Nike Air Zooms and a brief blurb appeared on Apple's Web site advocating a product or service called "Nike iD."

The blurb read: "Express yourself, define who you are, be creative and make a statement. What do your shoes say about you? That you’re a fan of USC? That you adore the color pink? With NIKE iD, you can personalize your shoes to represent you. Visit an Apple Store and ask a Mac Specialist for more details about NIKE iD."

The blurb was removed from Apple's site shortly after it first appeared.