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Scandinavian groups give Apple more time

The consumer protection agencies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark said on Wednesday they will give Apple Computer until Aug. 1 to reply to their claims that the iTunes music store and service operates in violation of Scandinavian consumer laws, according to Reuters.

The previous deadline required Apple to respond by June 21st, the report notes.

In the letter sent to Apple last week, the Scandinavian agencies claimed the company\'s standard customer contract violated Norwegian law and is clearly unbalanced, disadvantaging the customer.

Specifically, it alleged that customers have to relinquish fundamental rights, such as the right to freely use legally bought products, in order to download music from iTunes.

The agencies are demanding that Apple make a number of changes to its customer contracts, such as allowing songs purchased from its iTunes to be played on competitors\' devices.

If a court finds Apple guilty, the company could face fines and be required to shut its Norwegian iTunes store.