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Apple likely to allow movie transfers to DVD

Apple Computer is atop the list of merchants that could soon start to allow video downloads to be transferred onto DVDs.

According to the Associated Press, the DVD Copy Control Association is set to remove some of the procedural hurdles that prevented the legal recording of movies onto blank DVDs.

The move, expected to be finalized soon, would allow retailers to create movie jukebox kiosks with which customers can select movie titles and burn them to a DVD on the spot, the report states.

The impending changes are said to rely heavily on the DVD Copy Control Association's proprietary technology known as the Content Scramble System, or CSS.

"The association, an arm of Hollywood studios, licenses the encryption technology to makers of DVD players and other electronics companies and applies it widely to movies on DVDs to restrict illegal copying," the AP reported.

The group said it will soon expand licensing to movies other than those that are mass produced on DVD, such as digitally distributed on demand titles. It's also working with disc makers to produce CSS-compatible blank DVDs.