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Amazon may tap TiVo to leverage movie service

In a bid to disrupt Apple Computer's reservations for a prime seat in the living room, Amazon is reportedly talking with TiVo about making its new Unbox movie download service accessible to TiVo subscribers.

Citing sources familiar with the discussions, the New York Post said the Internet's largest retailer is talking "with TiVo about creating a feature that would allow users to automatically transfer online movie purchases to their TiVo set-top boxes."

Amazon recently rolled out its Unbox service, which offers television shows, movies and other videos. The announcement came just days before Apple chief executive Steve Jobs orchestrated an elaborate presentation to announce the iPod maker's own movie service, which features full-length films from Walt Disney. Unlike Apple, Amazon has deals in place with every other movie studio except Disney.

During Apple's unveiling, Jobs also said Apple in the first quarter of 2007 will begin selling a media hub, dubbed iTV, which will wirelessly deliver all of a user's iTunes content —including videos, TV programs, music, podcasts and feature films —to their big screen TV.

Earlier this week, Newsweek reported that Apple and Google have been floating a concept that could make files from Google's free online Video service easily accessible through iTV.

Apple plans to sell the device for $299.