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3Dlabs May Extend Graphics Cards to the Power Mac G5 Family

3Dlabs, developers of 3D graphics cards for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and visual simulation markets, is in negotiations with Apple to bring some of its graphics cards to the Mac OS X platform, sources tell AppleInsider.

A recent user posting to the Alias newsgroup reads, "I just have received a email from 3Dlabs stating that they are in discussions with Apple, for those who need 256MB and 512MB CADD DCC cards for Maya etc."

The two companies reportedly began exploring partnership opportunities shortly after the release of the Power Mac G5 last month.

"At this time we are having discussions with Apple to see how our two products will fit together," says Stephen D. Cox, North American Channel Sales Manager at 3Dlabs.

The graphics company is also soliciting feedback on which 3Dlabs product family consumers and professionals would like to see supported on the Power Mac G5.

3Dlabs develops their own graphics processors and software drivers and are widely known for their award-winning Oxygen and Wildcat 3D graphics cards.