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Apple Redesigning the iMac, Once Again

Apple Computer Inc. engineers are hands-deep into the next major revision of the personal computer that put them back on the map in the late 1990's. According to sources, the computer maker is entering the latter development stages of the third major overhaul to its iMac product line.

The transition to the next-generation models will be reminiscent of the move from the bubble-like CRT machines to the current adjustable flat-screen units, as the new iMacs will sport an 'entirely new form-factor.' Beyond these vague details, little else is known at this time.

AppleInsider sources claim that the company is targeting the 3rd Generation iMacs for a release early next Spring, though one unconfirmed report states that the units may make their debut as early as this coming January. "Ideally, [Apple] would like to make a splash of excitement with these machines during the opening to next year's Macworld San Francisco Expo, though it is too early to tell if that will actually be plausible."

The iMac is widely rumored to adopt IBM's PowerPC G5 microprocessor once ample supplies and effective pricing of the chips allow for competitive marketing of the such computers. Meanwhile, the company is focusing on other aspects of its revenue stream, prepping new iBooks, XServes, XServe RAIDs and Cinema Displays for a release by December.

The last major revision to the iMac product-line took place in January 2002.