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Apple settles suit over defective 17-inch Studio displays

Apple Computer has agreed to a settlement in a class action lawsuit brought about by customers who experienced quality issues with the company's 17-inch LCD Studio Displays manufactured beginning in May of 2001.

The suit alleged that the inverter board of the display was faulty, causing gradient dimming of the top or bottom half of the screen and a power light to constantly blink on and off in a short-short-long pattern. 

Although Apple has denied any wrongdoing or violation of law, it has reached an amicable settlement with class representatives in order to avoid the cost of a trial.

U.S. customers who purchased one of the displays beginning in May 2001 are automatically a member of the Settlement Class and are automatically included in the settlement unless they submit a request for exclusion postmarked on or before January 19, 2007.

Under the terms of the agreement, Apple will provide a cash refund to those customers who paid for a repair related to the inverter board and who send in a valid claim form. The amount of the cash refund will vary depending on who performed the repair, how much the customer paid for the repair, and how old the display was when the repair was performed.

Customers who had their 17-inch Studio Display repaired by Apple during the second year of ownership will be entitled to a $400 refund, while those who had their unit repaired in the third year will receive $350. If the repair was completed by a party other than Apple, customers will receive the actual amount they paid up to $150 during the second year and $75 thereafter.

Apple 17-inch LCD Studio Display

In order to receive the refund, customers who had their 17-inch Studio Display repaired on or before November 13, 2006 must mail a claim form postmarked on or before February 12, 2007. If the repair occurs after November 13, 2006, a claim form must be mailed and postmarked within 90 days after the date the Covered Repair occurred or by August 31, 2007, which ever is the earlier.

Complete instructions on how to file claims and receive refunds is available on the suit's website. A list of frequently asked questions is also provided.