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Busting into an Apple TV (photos)

The first Apple TV dissection photos have hit the Web, clearly revealing some of the device's internal component suppliers and design wins.

The guys over at TechRestore where quick to the punch on this one, not hesitating to pry the cover from their Apple TV's chassis.

From their photos, both the 1.0GHz Intel Pentium M-based "Crofton" central processing unit and NVIDIA G72M graphics chip are visible. The Intel chip bears the model number "7645A966 0159," while the NVIDIA chip model number is not entirely clear.

Also visible from the photos is a Silicon Image IC and Broadcom chip affixed to Apple TV's 802.11n-enabled wireless card.

AppleInsider had exclusively reported that the new Apple device would employ a NVIDIA graphics chip, and subsequently that the software drivers for that chip were to blame for the delay that pushed Apple TV availability out until this week.