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Notes: Power Mac G5s and Displays, Shake 3.5 screenshots, iPod mini

Power Mac G5s and Displays
Following a product dry spell warning from Apple Computer to its resellers last week, sources said Power Mac G5 revisions may not ship to the channel in quantities before May. It's still unclear when the company plans to publicly announce the revised product-line, though a mid-April time-frame would appear to be the most likely.

Meanwhile, sources said to expect price-drops on the company's LCD display product-line at the start of the new week. The price cuts will be aimed at depleting the remaining stock of all current Apple displays in favor of new displays rumored for an introduction alongside the Power Mac revisions.

Shake 3.5 Screenshots
Adding further confirmation to reports that Apple is readying a new version of Shake for a NAB conference debut next month, sources recently provided AppleInsider with a couple of screenshots of the latest build of Shake 3.5.

According to sources, the minimum system requirements for the software will change with the debut of the new version. Shake 3.5 will reportedly require a computer running Mac OS X Panther 10.3.2 and QuickTime 6.5, RedHat 9, or Irix 6x. Additionally, the software will no longer be compatible with Panther's Fast User Switching option. "In order to prevent corruption of the Shake disk cache, when multiple users on the same machine attempt to use Shake, the Enable Fast Switching option in the Accounts pane of the System Preferences is disabled whenever Shake is launched from the Finder," Apple reportedly told testers.

iPod mini delays
Tight supplies of Hitatchi's 4GB hard drive have forced Apple to delay global sales of the new iPod mini until sometime in July, the company announced today.

"We're actually consuming just about all the 4 gigabyte, 1- inch drives they make. As they make more, we'll get more," Greg Joswiak, vice president of hardware product marketing for Apple, told Reuters.