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Source: 90-nm Power Mac G5 situation improving

Apple Computer, once again, is said to be readying a set of revisions to its Power Mac G5 product line that are expected to sport IBM's new 90-nanometer PowerPC G5 processor and hit stores this spring.

Previous reports indicated that the computer maker had initially targeted the second generation of the Power Mac G5 for a release within the first three months of the 2004 calendar year, but poor yields of chips running beyond 2GHz translated into insufficient shipments of the daughter cards from supplier IBM. The chip supply issue, compounded by a rumored, but minor temperature control issue, eventually hampered the company's plans.

During a conference call last month, Apple confirmed that it was not happy with 90-nm processor shipments from IBM, but claimed that chip-maker was working "very hard" to deliver enough chips to meet demand.

An AppleInsider source claims that, in addition to sorting out the temperature control issue, Apple has just recently received a full two shipments of the 90-nm cards at its Cupertino location and has successfully deployed several new test units of the Power Macs to partners close to company.

According to the source, all of the test models were equipped with dual processors ranging in speeds from 2.2GHz to 2.6GHz. The source, however, notes that there is no indication that configurations of the test units represent final specs for Power Macs that would be sent to production.

On a side note, sources speculate that the likelihood of new Apple Cinema displays seeing an introduced alongside the new Power Macs could be fading fast. Despite promotional efforts intended to help deplete the stock of current displays, inventory is still said to be heavy.

The source reiterated recent rumors that an announcement of the new Power Mac G5's would arrive by the end of June, citing a date that could not be confirmed.

Apple last updated its professional line of Power Macs in June of 2003, but applied a slight configuration shift in November to better cater to demand. During the June introduction, Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed that Power Mac G5 speeds would reach 3GHz "by next summer," a promise that he repeated in September at Apple Expo Paris.