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Mac OS X update reveals new Power Mac model

Over the weekend, members of the AppleInsider forums discovered a listing for an unannounced Apple Power Mac model in a info file distributed with Mac OS X 10.3.4, which was released last week.

The findings confirm a November AppleInsider article, which first reported on Apple's plans for the 'Power Mac 8,1.'

The Power Mac 8,1 was first seeded in December and was initially expected for an introduction in early 2004. However, a number of issues have, and continue to, prevent Apple from introducing the new models.

Compelling evidence implies that the Power Mac 8,1 — also referenced as the second generation Power Mac G5 — was initially scheduled for release prior to the 15th of March. According to reliable sources, the Mac OS X development team had completed the Mac OS X build train for the Power Mac G5 revision prior to the release of Mac OS X 10.3.3. The build train, which was internally referenced by the '7E' milestone of Mac OS X Panther development, is curiously missing from a listing of Mac OS X builds on Apple's information pages.

"This is further evidence, that Apple originally wanted the G5 bump to ship between the release of Mac OS X 10.3.2 in December, and the release of Mac OS 10.3.3 in March," a second source told AppleInsider in April.

According to AppleInsider's most reliable sources, the company is now aiming to introduce these new Power Macs at the end of June. This information corroborates a number of reports from the last several months, including hints from Apple's Senior Director of Channel Sales and Distribution, Jeff Hansen, during an exclusive briefing with top resellers in April.

The existence of Power Mac 8,1 support in Mac OS X 10.3.4 indicates that Apple plans to release the new models prior to the next update to Mac OS X.