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Apple no longer restocking iMac G4s, current Power Macs

Apple Computer, Inc. has told several resellers not to expect any further shipments of its iMac G4, and has delayed new Power Mac G5 orders from some resellers by several weeks, according to reports from multiple AppleInsider sources.

iMac G5 nears release

The iMac G4 product line, which was last refreshed over 6 months ago, is quickly nearing the end of its life cycle. Some Apple resellers have recently sold through their allotment of 20-inch and 17-inch iMac G4s and were told by Apple not to expect a restock, while other merchants have been put on a 3 week waiting list for new orders of 15-inch and 17-inch iMacs. iMac G4 inventory is nearly depleted, and it appears that manufacturing of the entire line has halted.

Rumors that Apple has been preparing a completely redesigned iMac, wrapped around a G5 processor, date back almost 6 months. Few details surrounding the future offering have been made available, though one source claimed to have toyed with a 1.6GHz G5 iMac dressed in generic prototype plastics, back in March.

Recently, sources close to Apple have provided hints that the company may use its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) as a showcase for not only new Power Mac G5s, but iMac G5s as well.

According to sources, the new iMac G5s should be in ample supply for the back-to-school buying season, which begins during the summer.

90-nanometer Power Mac G5 photos, current inventory

Meanwhile, reliable sources have confirmed that the Power Mac photos published yesterday by AppleInsider reflect a Power Mac G5 revision due by Apple's WWDC conference, later this month.

While inventory of Apple's current dual Power Mac G5 models remains healthy, the company is apparently deferring new reseller orders to the end of the month. On the other hand, inventory of single processor 1.6GHz Power Macs is extremely low, thanks to a recent developer promotion.

Cinema Displays

Apple's LCD displays, which until recently were in very healthy supply, are selling more slowly. Sources are now reporting that stock of both the 20 and 23-inch Apple Cinema displays are starting to dwindle, with the 20-inch model reflecting much lower inventory numbers than the 23-inch display.

Sources had previously stated that Apple would refresh its line of Cinema Displays alongside a refreshed Power Mac.

Apple will kick off its World Wide Developers Conference on June 28th.