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Apple and BMW team up to produce car audio device

Apple and BMW have joined forces to codevelop an audio adapter that will soon allow owners of recent BMW models to connect their iPods to their car audio system, sources said.

The device will reportedly allow users to control their iPod or iPod mini through a auxiliary headset unit or cruise-control-like controls mounted on the steering wheel. The device will also allow users to view playlists or song tracks, and charge their iPod.

Sources said to expect further details this month, as Fallon Worldwide, BMW's advertising agency, is currently wrapping up the development of a campaign entitled 'iPod Your BMW.'

In April, Fallon registered, which is now expected to go live sometime later this month.

During last week's Wall Street Journal's D: All Things Digital conference, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, alluded to a new car audio product when he was setting context prior to announcing the Airport Express. Jobs said customers also want the iPod to work better in their car, and to expect some announcements later in the year. While making the statement, Jobs reportedly displayed an image on of the interior of a BMW automobile, with the BMW logo digitally removed.

Later this month, Apple is also expected to introduce a new set of wired remotes for the iPod mini. The remotes will allow iPod mini owners to single-handedly fast-forward or rewind a track, play, pause and adjust volume.

Apple will reportedly include headphones with the remotes, which will be available in all 5 of the iPod mini colors.