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Apple ready to roll with 30-inch HD display

Apple Computer, Inc. this month will finally unveil a complete overhaul to its family of Cinema display LCD flat-screen monitors, according to sources with ties to the computer maker.

Confirming a majority of the details first published in an October AppleInsider report, sources said that the refreshed product-line will feature 30-inch, 23-inch and 20-inch models, but will no longer include a 17-inch offering.

Of the three new displays, the 23-inch and 30-inch will be High Definition (HD) displays, with the new 30-inch display supporting a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. All models are said to include two FireWire ports in addition to a built in two-port USB hub.

The new displays will sport an aluminum motif consisting of less trim and will hang from a central pedestal, sources said. The displays will also feature improvements to their versatility, while weighing much less than the current Apple display offerings.

According to sources, the new 30-inch display could not be powered through the company's traditional Apple Display Connector (ADC), and as a result the revised models are said to feature a new Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connector.

Details of the new displays first surfaced late last year, but the models were reportedly delayed alongside Power Mac G5 revisions, which did not debut until earlier this month.

Inventory analysis reveals that supply of Apple's current Cinema displays still hovers far above demand for the products. Some sources speculate that the excess supply of current displays continues to halt the introduction of the new models. Nevertheless, multiple sources claim that Apple will introduce the displays on or before its World Wide Developers Conference, which kicks off early next week.

The company is also reportedly experimenting with OLED displays, but those engineering efforts are no longer expected to be part of forthcoming display announcements.

Sources with ties to Apple's retailing efforts said Apple will introduce the new 30-inch HD display at $2999, while dropping the price of the 20-inch display to $999. Pricing information on the 23-inch model is less specific, but is said to fall between $1499 and $1799.

A current promotion aimed at clearing inventory of Apple's current 23-inch display is set to expire at the end of this week.