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Apple likely to replay WWDC keynote with delayed webcast [Update]

Apple Computer, Inc. will most likely provide a delayed webcast of its World Wide Developers Conference 2004 keynote address on Monday afternoon, sources said.

Last week, sources close to Apple's content distribution partners noted a hefty fee associated with Apple's webcasts, especially those streamed live. Sources said the company may have chosen to save some cash by providing a delayed broadcast.

Additionally, readers note that until yesterday, the previous year's WWDC keynote webcast feed worked properly, and streamed video on demand. It appears that the company is now preparing to update its Apple events website with a link to the this year's keynote feed.

During the keynote presentation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will publicly introduce Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. A few purported screenshots of Tiger were recently sent to AppleInsider. The authenticity of the screenshots has not been confirmed.

Update: Reliable sources have confirmed that Apple will offer a video on demand feed of the 2004 WWDC keynote shortly after it ends. The feed should appear on this page.