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Apple nixes third party Software Update plans

Apple Computer, Inc. has decided not to incorporate third party Software Update functionality into its Mac OS X operating system just yet, placing plans for the feature on the back-burner.

Last year, several web-based publications reported that Apple was considering opening up its Software Update technology to some larger third party software developers such as Adobe, Microsoft and Macromedia. The technology would allow non-Apple application updates to be automatically downloaded and installed in the same fashion as current Apple software updates.

Apple's inability to predetermine the quality of the third party software updates that would be distributed over Software Update is one of the major concerns that have forced the company to reconsider the technology, sources close to Apple said.

The computer company fears that third party developers could accidently release buggy or infected software updates, which would ultimately effect the Mac OS X operating system, causing customers to fault Apple. Third party access to Software Update would also pose as an increased security issue.

The feature was reportedly discussed extensively by Apple, which made their decision not to move forth with plans for third party integration prior to the unveiling of Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" in June.

In somewhat related news, an Apple source claims that Apple would love to include MSN Messenger support with iChat, but will not do so until Microsoft declares the MSN Messenger protocol an open standard.

"We're all about open standards," an Apple employee said.