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Notes: New Tiger seeds, Xsan build 7N135, ProBand

While waiting for new seeds of Mac OS X Tiger, developers receive a new build of Apple\'s network file system.


Apple Computer yesterday seeded developers with Xsan build 7N135, the latest developmental version of the its high-performance SAN file system for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.

The build, which reveals a sporty Xsan logo, weighs in at approximately 52.7 MB and includes Xsan Admin 1.0 (v35).

Apple announced Xsan in April and offered an early beta to customers who met qualifications. A subsequent release--entitled Xsan Developer Preview—was provided to developers in late-June at the company\'s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). The software is expected for release in the Fall of 2004.

New Tiger Builds

Meanwhile, well placed sources claim that Apple will begin distributing new external builds of Mac OS X 10.4 \"Tiger\" as early as next week.

According to one source, Apple may initially deliver builds only to its AppleSeed program, which retains a much more exclusive subscriber base than the Apple Developer Connection (ADC) program, and typically consists of the company\'s largest third party developers and customers.

Unlike the first seed of Tiger, which was available exclusively on DVD, sources say that Apple will be distributing both CD and DVD copies of the new builds.

To date, Apple has provide developers with only a single, minor update to the build of Tiger distributed to attendees of its WWDC.


Last month Apple registered for a United States trademark on the word \"ProBand,\" suggesting that the company may be developing a professional version of its GarageBand application aimed at mainstream and professional music artists.

According to the filing, Apple describes ProBand as \"Computer Software.\"