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Some Apple retail stores expect new iMacs next week

It may be some time before the average customer can walk into an Apple dealer and leave with a new iMac G5, but a few Apple retail stores are expecting the new Macs next week.

Based on a brief investigation, it appears that Apple\'s US-based flagship retail stores will be the first outlets to receive shipments of the company\'s new iMac G5 computers. All four of these larger locations--New York, Los Angles, Chicago, San Francisco--have been told by Apple to expect an initial delivery of the computers anytime after September 12th.

On the other hand, inquires into the average size Apple store revealed varying iMac G5 arrival dates; ranging from two and half weeks at the Apple Store Westchester to four weeks at the Apple Store The Falls. Representatives from several additional mid-sized Apple stores claim that the new iMac \"may\" arrive in their stores sometime next week, but seemed unconfident in their assessments.

Meanwhile, Apple Authorized Resellers who are seeking prompt shipments of the new iMac may have better luck bobbing for apples in the arctic. In recent weeks, Apple\'s retail stores have reflected inventory of most of the company\'s products, while resellers are left scrambling to fill customer orders for the same goods. And in most cases, they have come up short.

Some insider have begun speculating that Apple will soon begin favoring external sales representatives over its reseller channel, if it has not done so already. These sales people would funnel customer orders through the company\'s online stores in exchange for a small commission and higher profit margins for Apple.