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Briefly: Apple retail event, Apple Store Southlake, more...(Update)

Retail stores to hold all-day shopping event.

Several sources employed by Apple\'s retail stores note that an \"Apple Event\" is scheduled be held at stores on November 26th. While no details have been provided to employees or store managers, sources said that previous \"Events\" have turned into storewide discounts or special promotional offers and product bundles.

November 26 is also the day after Thanksgiving--traditionally the start of the holiday shopping season and the busiest shopping day of year in the US. Last year, the company offered a 10% discount on all music related goods, including iPods, iPod accessories, and iTunes gift certificates. Look for Apple to announce the all-day shopping event on its retail web site in the coming days.

So far, there no word on whether the promotion will extend to the company\'s online store.

Texas to gain fifth Apple retail store.

According to an anonymous sources, Apple has finalized a deal that will bring an Apple Retail outlet to the Southlake Town Square in Southlake, Texas. The outdoor shopping center sits on 130-acres of land and is a convenient drive from anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The first phase of the mall opened in March of 1999, and consisted of 234,881 square feet of office and retail as well as a City park and Pavilion. Over the next four years, Town Square has grown accommodate 14 restaurants, 58 offices and 67 of the nation’s top retailers.

Representatives from United Commercial Reality--the related leasing agency--failed to return repeated calls for comment. According to the original source, the Apple location is not scheduled to open until 2006.

Update: AppleInsider has now positively confirmed that Apple will indeed open a retail outlet in the Grand Avenue District of the Southlake Town Square. The 250,000-square-foot Grand Avenue space is currently under construction. Apple will lease newly constructed space of approximately 3,000 to 3,500 square feet. The store is tenatively scheduled to open in April 2006.

Apple launches interactive student web site.

Earlier today, Apple launched an overhaul to its student web site, which promotes the Apple brand to college-level students. The site uses a sleek platinum Shockwave Flash interface to emphasize student discounts, parental persuasion techniques, and other Apple services such as iTunes.

New to the site is a \"Campus Blog,\" where carefully selected students will have an opportunity to post entries. \"We’d like to welcome you to a new community site for students to hear from other students about their observations and Mac-related stuff,\" reads the first post of the blog.

\"We’re starting off with a recent graduate from the University of Colorado, Dave Morin, who is now working at Apple. We will introduce a couple of student bloggers soon. Every few months we will welcome new student blog authors as they share their experiences.\"

Apple updates Bluetooth and iCal

Earlier today Apple released iCal 1.5.4 and Bluetooth Module Firmware Update 1.2. Both updates are available from Apple\'s Software Update mechanism.

iCal 1.5.4 includes security enhancements to help protect your computer when importing events with alarms that open files or applications. Meanwhile, The Apple Bluetooth Module Firmware Update 1.2 improves Bluetooth performance and reliability.