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Apple Store alters iMac availability

Several tipsters are reporting that, like the iPod mini, iMacs are suddenly reflecting wait times of 7-10 business days for direct orders from the Apple online store. iMacs had previously shown \"same business day\" ship estimates. While the iPod mini is expected to see an update as early as next week, there is no evidence yet to support an imminent revision to the iMac G5 product line. However, sources close to the company claim that the flow of G5 microprocessors from IBM has improved significantly over the past few months. Apple, at its discresion, could improve on the iMac\'s performance anytime, sources said. The iMac continues to be a hot seller in February, and such a move would aim to preserve the iMacs momentum, sources added. A 2GHz iMac has been stable for some time. Meanwhile, reports from inside the company hint that a significant announcement will be made on or around Wednesday of next week. No further details are available at this time. If you have any further information on these tips please let us know.