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Sources: Apple developing updated AirPorts, two-button mouse

Apple Computer is said to be readying updates to its AirPort wireless base stations and may soon debut a much demanded two-button mouse.

Updated AirPort Base Stations

According to sources, the company is expected to introduce updates to both its AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express products in the coming months.

While specifics are lacking, sources said the new base stations would sport minor component and software revisions while continuing to support the current AirPort Extreme Card.

One hot, but unconfirmed, rumor is that Apple may be considering the addition of a standard optical audio out port to its AirPort Express product. The current version ships with a 3.5mm mini-Audio jack for analog or optical digital sound, but requires that users purchase a $40 kit to tap the optical interface.

A Two-Button Apple Mouse

In other news, Hell has not frozen over yet, but it very well may.

According to sources who have so far filed accurate reports on Apple\'s future hardware plans, the company is feverishly working on a two-button wireless optical mouse that it intends to release.

Apple enthusiasts have longed for an Apple-branded two-button mouse for over a decade, but their requests have gone unanswered. So what has changed? According to sources, \'it\'s the company.\"

With Apple now profiting from low-priced consumer electronics as it makes a push to reclaim market share from Windows, a two-button mouse is \'almost an essential,\' sources said.

It\'s unclear when the computer maker plans to introduce the mouse. Insiders warned that anticipation may continue to build for months as the company perfects the product.

Apple has just recently reduced the price of its wired mouse to $29 and its wireless optical mouse to $59. The two-button wireless optical mouse would likely debut at the $69 price point once reserved for the company\'s current wireless mouse.

\"Jaws will drop,\" said one insider.