New Zealand reseller to supply Apple products to Fiji

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A New Zealand reseller, Logical Systems, has reportedly been given the go-ahead by Apple to supply its products to Fiji, according to ARNnet. The agreement is also is also expected to yield the first and only Apple centre in the Pacific nation.

Logical Systems managing director, Daven Naidu, said he noticed a gap in the supply of Apple products in the country during a recent trip there and decided to confront Apple with a proposal. The computer maker eventually approved and the agreement between the two parties started at the beginning of the month.

Naidu said he plans to operate the Fijian business remotely from New Zealand once it up and running in about eight months.

While Naidu has yet to appoint any Fijian resellers, he noted that he was in talks with a number of local companies to stock Apple gear, \"including a large retail outlet that is close to signing on the dotted line.\"

Until domestic dealers are signed up, Logical Systems Fiji will be selling to customers directly, but according to Apple Australia officials, Logical Systems has already been authorized to open its own Apple centre in Fiji.

According to Naidu, his company established a direct relationship with the Apple Corporation through the Fiji distribution arrangement, but insists that this would have no overflow effect on its New Zealand operation, which will continue to deal with local Apple distributor Renaissance.

Earlier this month, Apple and Renaissance began preparations for the launch of an Apple online store in New Zealand.


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