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Apple ends LaserWriter 12/640 repair extension program

Apple Computer has announced the expiration of its LaserWriter 12/640 Repair Extension Program, which has been in effect for nearly a decade.

In a memo to Apple resellers and repair specialist in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific this week, the company said, \"Apple has publicly disclosed details of this quality program for many years and has provided notice of when the program will end. Effective immediately, customers will be responsible for the cost of any repairs that are the result of symptoms covered under the original program.\"

Under certain conditions, a small percentage of LaserWriter 12/640 printers failed to disable the power inside the unit when the top cover was opened, potentially causing users to come into contact with low-level electrical voltage or be exposed to rotating parts.

LaserWriter 12/640 owners had also previously discovered an envelope printing glitch with the ancient Apple printer, where envelops needed to be crammed into the machine in order to be fed through. The procedure often resulted in a mass of paper jams.

Through the extended repair program, Apple would reposition the pickup assembly on the printer and make any necessary repairs to the units.