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Apple files for OpenTalk trademark

According to sources, Apple Computer, Inc. filed for a trademark on the term 'OpenTalk' with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 8th, just 24 hours after the company reportedly settled a trademark dispute with Tibco Software over the use of the name "Rendezvous."

Not surprisingly, the filing includes a description of OpenTalk that is strikingly similar to Apple's current Rendezvous technology; "Computer software for the automatic configuration of computer networks, computer programs, computer peripherals and other electronic devices."

Earlier today, AppleInsider noted that as part of Apple's settlement with Tibco, the computer company agreed to phase out its use of the term "Rendezvous." Apple has already halted distribution of new Rendezvous brand licensees, and it would seem likely that Apple's Rendezvous technology will be re-branded under the name OpenTalk.

Apple had originally filed for the OpenTalk trademark back in March, sources said, but from a country other than the United States.