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Sources: Tiger to debut \"Graphulator\" app, new system sounds

Although news surrounding Apple\'s next-generation Tiger operating system has slowed in recent weeks, sources say the company continues with its aggressive development pace, tying new enhancements into the system almost daily.

As previously reported, Tiger will ship with a new graphing calculator based on Curvus Pro X, which Apple \">purchased last fall from a Switzerland-based Arizona Software. Apple has been working to refine and redress the application, and will likely release the it under the name \"Graphulator,\" sources say.

Earlier this month the company applied for a trademark on the word \"Graphulator,\" but the application does not yet reflect this new name in the latest software builds of Tiger.

Tiger also appears to be gaining a new set of interface sound effects, sources said. These sounds are triggered by Finder actions such as emptying the trash, mounting shared volumes, and copying or moving files. The operating system now also includes new screen savers such as Nature Patterns, Paper Shadow, and an RSS Visualizer. Two new Desktop Collections called \"Plants\" and \"Black and White\" have also surfaced.

Finally, sources have commented on several handy additions that will make their way into the next version of Apple\'s DVD player. When a disc stops playing, the new version of DVD player (4.5) can show a picture in the Viewer window instead of a black screen. Some DVD discs ship with a jacket photo that shows a movie frame or other image. Users will be able to select a custom movie frame or use an image file from their hard drive.

DVD Player 4.5 will also acquire a sleep timer function sources said. This feature will let users set a sleep timer to automatically quit DVD Player and then put the computer to sleep, log a user out of Mac OS X, or shut down the Mac completely.