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Apple Japan launches Apple Store Mobile

It\'s happening. Before you can use your mobile phone to purchase and download CD-quality audio tracks, you can use it to log on to the Apple online store and purchase an iPod for yourself or a friend...if you\'re in Japan.

Today Apple Japan quietly launched the Apple Store Mobile, a version of its online store that it has made accessible from Japanese mobile phones.


The Web site address is only accessible when connecting from certain mobile handsets in Japan and disallows access to traditional Web browsers.

In addition to offering mobile customers the full array of iPod digital music players, reports indicate the mobile store is also selling iPod accessories and the Mac mini.

It would seem likely that Apple would launch a similar service for US-based mobile phones in the near future. However, it appears the company has its hands full inking revenue-share agreements with mobile carriers so that Motorola can launch its iTunes-compatible handset.