Sources: iPod products pulled from Macworld, event may follow

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Rumors that something may have been missing from Apple\'s keynote presentation at Macworld Expo last week may be true, AppleInsider has learned.

Individuals often familiar with the Cupertino, Calif.-based company\'s plans say Apple\'s iPod and music-related announcements at the annual trade show were uncharacteristically slim as a result of changes made in the days leading up to the event.

Specifically, Apple is said to have postponed the release of the previously rumored iPod Boombox product due to either: last minute product concerns, component availability or a change in the introduction climate. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs was reportedly less than thrilled with the outcome.

\"Other intros got canned at the same time,\" said a reliable source.

Nevertheless, Apple is expect to take a second stab at introducing the missing products in the near future, and is rumored to be planning a special media event or other high-profile launch that could be announced soon, sources have said.

In the weeks leading up to Macworld, multiple reports indicated that Apple was preparing to extend its foray into the consumer electronics market with a series of new iPod-related products deemed \"iPod companions.\"

Only one such product — the iPod Boombox — was described to AppleInsider in any detail, though depending on the report, the details varied.

An initial report described the device as an iPod docking station of sorts, which includes a hard drive and looks like an oversized iPod with boombox-type speakers. However, more recent information portrays the gadget as sleek, single-faced speaker with a rounded grill that emanates true stereo sound.

The latter report also packs an unconfirmed rumor that, through integration with Apple\'s iTunes jukebox software, users will be able to update content on the Boombox wirelessly from their desktop or portable.

Taking the rumors a step further, sources also report that Apple has been considering a new iTunes content scheme in which the device could tap into, potentially allowing it streaming access to a wealth of amateur content such as podcasts or Internet radio.

While further specifics are unavailable, a recently uncovered Apple trademark filing for the phrase \"iPod Boombox\" has turned up at Hong Kong\'s Intellectual Property Department, supporting the existence of the mysterious device in the company\'s product plans.

Apple in Hong Kong also recently filed for a trademark on the phrase \"iPod-HiFi,\" which makes reference to an unknown iPod product or service.

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