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Apple looks ripe to expand its \"Get a Mac\" campaign. National Semiconductor gives each of its employees a free iPod. And Norway sets a deadline for Apple to make changes.

Apple to expand \"Get a Mac\" campaign

Apple appears set to add at least three new television commercials to its national \"Get a Mac\" campaign.

The guys over at MacRumors point to YouTube mirrors of the three new ads not yet available on Apple\'s Web site: \"Touche,\" \"Work vs Home\" and \"Out of the Box.\"

One ad advocates Boot Camp, another promotes the availability of media rich digital lifestyle solutions for Macs, and a third emphasizes the Mac as an elegant out-of-the-box solution.

Update: Apple has updated it\'s Get a Mac site with the new ads.

iPod for all at National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor capped off its most successful fiscal year in history on Monday by giving each of its 8,500 employees with a 30-gigabyte video iPod.

The company plans to use the iPods as part of a new training and communications tool at National, providing a convenient real-time method for employees to download National podcasts and other employee communications.

Norway iTunes Update

The governing bodies in Norway have given Apple until June 21st (that\'s next week) to changes the terms of its iTunes Music Store license in the country or else.

If Apple fails to make its songs playable on other devices before that date, the company may face fines that would be compounded by court actions.

The Consumer Council of Norway, which filed the original complaint against Apple on Jan. 25 2006 and on June 6, issued a statement on the ruling in which it said: \"The digital rights of consumers have been dictated by the industry for a long time. This decision marks the start of a struggle to recover them.\"

33 million Macs over next five years?

In the next five years (through 2010), cumulative PC sales will total about 1.3 billion units, according to a new report by Computer Industry Almanac. The market research firm notes this figure is nearly equivalent to the 1.4 billion units shipped during the first 30-years of the personal computer revolution (1975 - 2004).

According to the firm\'s estimate, Apple will sell 33 million computers over the next five years. Unfortunately, their estimates call for Dell, HP and Lenovo to combine for over 550 million during the same time period.


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