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Apple ditches 'Mac Guy' in new ads

Apple Computer is preparing to film a series of new spots for its extremely successful "Get a Mac" national television campaign, but will do so without the help of 'Mac guy' Justin Long.

According to a report on RadarOnline, a representative for Long confirmed that the actor's days as an Apple pitchman are over.

"Every ad you see Justin in is for that previous time period only. There's no long-term deal with him," the rep said. "Justin's a movie star, not a commercial guy."

Over the years, Long has played roles in flicks such as "Dodgeball" and "Waiting..." He's currently filming "Live Free or Die Hard," where he trades in his squeaky-clean image in starring alongside Bruce Willis as a computer hacker trying to save the world from Internet-based terrorist.

Meanwhile, Radar reports that Apple's "Get a Mac" television campaign with push forth with other principals, director Phil Morrison and journo-humorist John Hodgman, both returning for another round of spots.

Apple's Get a Mac campaign

As for the reasons behind Long's dismissal, it's not exactly clear. But as the report points out, most people who've watched the "Get a Mac" ads come away "liking the 'PC guy' while wanting to push the 'Mac guy' under a bus."