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Apple stores to offer 25 iPhone accessories near launch

Apple Inc.'s retail stores plan to offer iPhone shoppers around two dozen accessories for the multi-function handset at or around the time the device goes on sale later this week, AppleInsider has been told.

The majority of those products will likely consist of third party cases and protective gear, which are amongst the simplest for outside firms to develop given their limited exposure to the Apple handset thus far.

In addition to those third party accessories, Apple will offer at least three of its own:

A stereo headset with mic, which will be included with each iPhone, will also sell separately for $29. Meanwhile, the company's little-mentioned Bluetooth headset will reportedly fetch a whopping $129, making it one of the most expensive on the market. Apple will also sell a white iPhone dock.

Over the past couple of weeks, AT&T retail stores have also turned up periodic shipments of third party iPhone accessories. Again, these products consist primarily of cases and protective gear.

In particular, two DLO cases — one called Jam Jacket and another called HipCase — where spotted and photographed over the weekend.