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Rumor: iPhone for corporate accounts coming soon

Wireless carrier AT&T will soon allow Apple iPhones to be registered under corporate and business accounts, according to claims made by one technology blog site.

Citing unidentified sources, BGR says an announcement is on tap for next week Monday, January 21st, which is somewhat odd given the date is a federal holiday.

Nevertheless, the report claims that those individuals with corporate and business accounts will be able to use their discounts on iPhone service plans at this time. There are, however, some reported limitations.

For one, discounts won't be available on the iPhone hardware itself and corporate and business iPhone users may be required to sign up for a monthly data plan of $25 or more, which is slightly more than the flat-rate $20 fee currently charged by Apple and AT&T for individual account holders.

In addition, the rumor states that corporate and business users will also have to complete a pre-activation process ahead of —and in addition to —the standard iTunes activation process.

If true, the move would undoubtedly dismember yet another barrier to adoption of the touch-screen handsets by big businesses and its employees, leaving security and a lack of Microsoft Exchange support as two of the primary remaining deterrents.