Apple updates iTunes, QuickTime, Front Row

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Apple on Wednesday night updated three of its key media applications for Mac OS X to mend their compatibility and apply bug fixes.

iTunes 7.6.2

iTunes 7.6.2 (45MB) updates Apple's music and video app to improve stability and performance, according to the company.

QuickTime 7.4.5

Apple's QuickTime 7.4.5 update (for Panther, Tiger, and Leopard) is recommended for all users, Apple says.

The patch improves compatibility with third-party apps, overall reliability, and is said to address security issues, though the company's documentation of the security fixes is not available as of press time.

Front Row 2.1.3

Front Row 2.1.3 (20.5MB) is intended only for systems running Mac OS X Leopard and is designed to improve compatibility with the accompanying iTunes 7.6.2 update.


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