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Mexican iPhone, iTunes June rumor; Wall Street retail; Boston unveiled

Mexicans will get an iTunes Store to match the iPhone for a launch next month, according to one report. Also, the same may be true for Brazil; Apple may be close to securing its Wall Street store; and Apple has taken the wraps from its Boston store.

iPhone, iTunes said to launch in tandem for Mexico

Mexico will receive more from Apple than just the iPhone this year, says a new report from Mundo Mac.

Officials in Apple Mexico's office as well as its Spanish-language Miami call center allegedly claim that the iTunes Store for Mexico will launch alongside the iPhone in June and will be accompanied by support for purchasing prints and books through iPhoto.

The iTunes service is said to be all but necessary for the iPhone's launch in the North American country, as the phone's activation is normally tied to its owner's iTunes account.

An Apple retail store in Monterrey is also rumored to launch at the same time.

While no confirmations of Apple's plans are expected until June 9th at the earliest, the electronics giant has been particularly active in Mexico, opening its online store for the nation late last year.

Wall Street Apple store deal near completion?

Lending support to early reports of Apple scouting locations near the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Post now claims that Apple is in "serious" talks for one of the identified locations.

The Mac maker is reportedly close to securing rights to 23 Wall Street, a large 12,500 square-foot building currently owned by Africa-Israel but left vacant aside from a roof terrace for neighboring 15 Broad Street.

Aside from its prime location at New York City's financial core, the building has more history than nearly any Apple retail outlet has had to date. The building was built to be JP Morgan's main office in 1914 but was infamous as the backdrop for the 1920 Wall Street Bombing, which killed 38 people and damaged its walls —scars of which were deliberately left in place and are still visible today.

Neither Africa-Israel nor Apple's representing real estate firm, RFK, have commented on the rumored move.

Boston Apple store unveiled

Just a day before its official opening, Apple's Boston retail store has been revealed to the public.

The 815 Boylston Street store is unusual among Apple stores for having a glass facade but a clearly visible metal frame immediately behind it.

As with a number of flagship locations, the three-floor interior also centers around a glass spiral staircase. Each floor is dedicated to a different market, according to a report by Gizmodo: the base floor serves the "important" Mac customers, the second floor serves iPhone and iPod customers, and the third floor is used for both service as well as workshops.

Plant life on the roof and rainwater collection will help sustain the building through natural means when it opens on Thursday at 6PM.

Images are courtesy of Gizmodo.

Boylston Street outside

Boylston Street inside