Early deals: $250 off new MacBook Pros, $325 off Office 2008

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Some Apple resellers are launching their Black Friday sales early this year, such as Mac Mall, which is offering up to $250 off new MacBook Pros, up to $149 off new MacBooks, up to $159 off new iMacs, and up to $179 off MacBook Airs. Amazon has also slashed the price of Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition by $325 (65%).

Mac Mall, which offered deeper discounts than Apple last year, launched its Holiday Blowout sales overnight which includes up to 21% off iPods and up to $1094 off some Macs.

For the most part, the reseller's Mac deals combine instant discounts with added mail in rebates. Below, we've compiled a list of all current generation Macs, listing their retail price, MacMall's final price after rebates, and the total savings between the retail price and Mac Mall's price after rebates.

MacBook Pro

2.4GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro (unibody)

(Retail: $1,999.00; Sale: $1,798.99, Saving: $200)

2.53GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro (unibody)

(Retail: $2,499.00; Sale: $2,248.99; Savings: $250)

2.5GHz 17-inch MacBook Pro

(Retail: $2,799.00; Sale:


; Savings:




2.1GHz 13-inch MacBook (white)

(Retail: $999.00; Sale: $898.99; Savings: $100)

2.0GHz 13-inch MacBook (unibody)

(Retail: $1,299.00; Sale: $1,179.99; Savings: $119)

2.4GHz 13-inch MacBook (unibody)

(Retail: $1,599.00, Sale: $1,449.99; Savings: $149)

MacBook Air

1.6GHz GHz 13-inch MacBook Air

(Retail: $1,799.00; Sale: $1,649.99; Savings: $149)

1.8GHz GHz 13-inch MacBook Air (SSD)

(Retail: $2,499.00; Sale:


; Savings:




2.4GHz 20-inch iMac

(Retail: $1,199.00; Sale: $1,097.99; Savings: $101)

2.66GHz 20-inch iMac

(Retail: $1,499.00, Sale: $1,369.99; Savings: $129)

2.8GHz 24-inch iMac

(Retail: $1,799.00; Sale: $1,639.99; Savings: $159)

3.06GHz 24-inch iMac

(Retail: $2,199.00; Sale: $2,039.99, Savings: $159)

Mac mini

1.83GHz Mac mini

(Retail: $599.00; Sale: $544.00; Savings: $55)

2.0GHz Mac mini

(Retail: $799.00; Sale: $739.99; Savings: $59)

Mac Pro

2.8GHz Mac Pro 8-Core

(Retail: $2,799.00; Sale: $2,549.99; Savings: $249)

Microsoft Office: Mac 2008

Meanwhile, Amazon.com jumped in early on Microsoft's Black Friday sale on Microsoft Office for Mac 2008, which is expected to yield discounts of up to 70%. Already, the online retailer is discounting the Special Media Edition by 65%, or $325.

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition

(Retail: $499.95; Sale: $174.99; Savings: $324.96)

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition Upgrade

(Retail: $299.95; Sale: $109.99; Savings: $189.96)


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