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Image hinting at 2TB Time Capsule likely an oversight

While it's inevitable that Apple will at some point this year boost the capacity of its Time Capsule backup appliances, promotional images showing packing for a model with twice as much storage appear to be an oversight dating back to the release of dual-band models a month ago.

Several sites are pointing out Monday that product pages for the dual-band versions of the Time Capsule on the websites of Apple authorized resellers ClubMac (product page) and MacMall (product page) show a promotional image of the device's packaging listing 2TB of storage — twice as much as today's high end model.

We just spoke to someone in the know over at ClubMac who confirmed that the reseller gets most of its promotional images directly from Apple, but added that the image in question isn't new and is believed to have been live on the site, albeit unnoticed, since the company introduced new AirPort Extremes and Time Capsules with dual-band support on March 3rd. Meanwhile, Google's cache confirms no changes to the listings for at least a week.

Therefore, the image may be an error on the part of one of the company's graphics designers. Alternatively, it may suggest that Apple initially planned to bump the capacity of its Time Capsule product line alongside the new dual-band models introduced last month but later pulled back on those plans without telling the graphics department.

An image on the ClubMac site shows a retail box for a 2TB Time Capsule.

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