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Steve Jobs returns to stage at annual Apple music event


Apple's co-founder made a triumphant return to the spotlight Wednesday, as the man who is arguably technology's ultimate showman took the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Jobs earned a standing ovation as he took the stage at the Sept. 9 event, his first official public appearance in nearly a year. The Apple executive returned to work full-time in June after he received a liver transplant.

At Wednesday's event, the Apple co-founder acknowledged his road to recovery and was gracious for the liver he received in the event of someone else's tragic misfortune.

"I'm very happy to be here today with you all," Jobs said. "As some of you know, about five months ago I had a liver transplant. I now have the liver of a mid-20s person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their organs."

"I am alive because of their generosity," he added. "I hope we can all be that generous. I'd like to thank everyone in the Apple community for their concern. It means a lot. I'd like to thank Tim Cook, and everyone at Apple who rose to the occasion. Thank you guys."

"So, I'm vertical, I'm back at Apple and loving every minute of it, and working with some talented teams to come up with some great products for the future," he continued. "It's wonderful."