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Apple unveils holiday shopping in-store pickup option

In time for the holiday shopping season, Apple has introduced a new "Reserve and Pick Up" option via its retail Web site, allowing customers to reserve products online and pick them up in store.

The new system aims to allow customers the ability to ensure that their products will be available for them to purchase before the holidays.

"With Reserve and Pick Up, you can make sure the top things on your list are definitely under the tree," the company's retail Web site states. "Reserve an iPod or Mac online today and it will be waiting for you to pick up and purchase at an Apple Retail Store from December 15 to 24. You can even have many products wrapped. It's just another way we make it even easier to get through the holiday crowds — and your gift list."

Apple's most products are available to reserve, including the iPhone, the entire iPod and MacBook lineups, the Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro.

Gift wrapping is also available for some products. The gift box option costs an additional $5 and is available for iPods and laptops.

The new option was unveiled Friday on Apple's retail Web site, pitched as "a brand-new way to do your holiday shopping." Customers, of course, still have the option to purchase online and have them shipped well in time for the holidays.

The system requires users to select a local store and product to reserve by signing in with an Apple ID.

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