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iPhone to launch in South Korea at end of November


Apple's iPhone will be available to South Korean customers on November 28, just 10 days after South Korea's Communications Commission approved the iPhone for sale.

KT Corp announced that it will offer iPhones for sale beginning on November 28th, making it the first company in South Korea to carry the phone. According to an AP report, KT Corp. began accepting online and in-store orders for the iPhone but will not activate service until the 28th.

South Korea’s handheld market is dominated by Samsung and Pantech, which according to Bloomberg have a 90 percent market share in South Korea. Nearly 90 percent of South Korea’s population owns a mobile phone.

In a press release, Kim Woo-sik, CEO of KT Corp’s personal customer group said, “We are thrilled to bring iPhone to South Korea. Our customers will enjoy the power and benefits of using the revolutionary iPhone on KT’s 3G network.”

The Korea Communications Commission approved the iPhone for sale at its meeting on Wednesday. South Korea has a nationwide policy that all devices providing location-based services be subjected to review.