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'Mark the Spot' iPhone app aims to find AT&T trouble areas

AT&T has released an iPhone application that gives customers the ability to notify the carrier of their location when they experience poor service.

"AT&T Mark the Spot" was released in the iPhone App Store Monday. The 0.3MB free application, version 1.0.1, requires iPhone OS version 3.0 or later.

"AT&T Mark the Spot is an application that provides customers a means to provide feedback on network user experience to AT&T," the application's description reads. The nation's second-largest wireless carrier also listed the following features for its new software:

  • Simlicity of operation
  • Submit a real time report capturing local GPS coordinates at time and place of event
  • Submit a report after the fact when a customer is not at the place of event
  • Submit a report of dropped call, failed call, lack of coverage, data service failure, or poor voice quality
  • Submit optional specific comments about an event
  • Receive an SMS acknowledgement that the reported event was sent and received successfully.


Following the launch of the iPhone 3GS, network struggles on AT&T caused the carrier to be the subject of serious criticism that continued to grow. More recently, competitor Verizon has attacked AT&T's 3G coverage in a series of advertisements, to which AT&T has since publicly fought back.

AT&T has also taken numerous steps in 2009 to improve its coverage. Still, studies have found that the network is users' least-liked aspect of the iPhone 3GS.