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iPad has no camera, but Apple's SDK mentions video chat, flash

Adding to the already-strong evidence that Apple toyed with the idea of a forward facing camera in the iPad, references to video conferencing, as well as camera flash and zoom, have been discovered in the latest beta of the iPad software development kit.

Digging through the PLCameraController.h frameworks in iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Beta 3, MacRumors discovered references to camera flash, zoom, and a front-facing camera. Earlier this month, an internal iPad part revealed a potential space for a forward-facing camera atop the device.

While the first version of the iPad, set to launch in March, will not ship with a camera, it's possible that all of the new functionality, including camera flash and video chat, could be included in the new iPhone, expected to debut this summer. Last month, AppleInsider reported that Apple moved to purchase significant quantities of LED camera flash components.

In addition, large icons likely for the iPad allowing users to accept or decline a video chat invitation were also discovered in the SDK.

The third beta of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK was temporarily released on Tuesday, before Apple quickly removed the download from its developer Web site. The update made it easier to ensure iPhone and iPod touch applications would work on the forthcoming iPad.

First revealed in January, iPhone OS 3.2 is, for now, currently for the iPad only. It does not yet support the iPhone or iPod touch.