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Australian paper says iPhone 4 antenna is no problem


One of the largest publications in Australia has found no major reception problems with Apple's newly released iPhone 4, while the problematic New Zealand launch was delayed a few hours.

Daily Telegraph: No reception issues

Stephen French, national technology writer for Australia's The Daily Telegraph, gave a glowing review to Apple's iPhone 4 on Friday. Using it for nearly a week, he has not dropped calls or noticed any impact on the device's performance.

The writer managed to replicate some of the signal issues experienced by users when covering the bottom left of the iPhone 4. However, it was not enough to hamper his experience with the smartphone.

French tested the Australian version of the iPhone 4 without a case on all of the country's four carriers that offer Apple's handset. The device was used on the Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3 networks in parts of Sydney with varying signal strengths.

"I tried the 'death grip' on the bottom left while making test calls in areas I knew to have weaker reception and the times I did manage to reduce the signal bars... my calls were still not affected," he wrote. "The worst thing that happened was a web page I was loading timed out but after refreshing it came up fine. I even managed to watch a YouTube video over 3G while in the 'death grip.'"

French said that call quality was improved over the iPhone 3GS, and he found that holding the handset in the "death grip" manner was unnatural.

"The iPhone 4 is not just a slight improvement over the iPhone 3GS, it is a massive jump," he said. "There are so many great enhancements across the board it will be hard for existing iPhone owners to resist and a great place to start for users who are new to the smartphone market."

New Zealand launch hits snag

iPhone 4 buyers who lined up overnight in New Zealandto purchase Apple's latest handset came away disappointed on Friday, as the launch was delayed a few hours. According to, the handset was eventually available through select Vodafone stores by midday.

The carrier would not comment on what caused an apparent delay of the launch, though some speculated it was caused by a shipping delay.

Though the morning launch was delayed, about 100 people lined up outside the Vodafone Lambton Quay store in Wellington about 4 hours later to purchase the iPhone 4. One customer reportedly referred to the launch as an "epic fail."