Online dating service finds iPhone owners have more sex partners

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Owners of Apple's iPhone on average have more sex partners by age 30 than those who own other handsets, and the iPhone takes more attractive photos than competing smartphones, a survey of users of an online dating service has found.

This week, OK Cupid published the results of a wide-reaching poll of photos taken from the online dating service. As part of the survey, the site determined users' sexual activity by smartphone brand, based on the results of 9,785 people.

With a snapshot of 30-year-olds, male iPhone owners have an average of 10 sexual partners, while women reported an average of 12.3. That's well ahead of BlackBerry owners (8.1 partners for men, 8.8 for women) and devices that run Google's Android mobile operating system (6 partners for men, 6.1 for women).

Going beyond just a single age, the study found that iPhone users at any age between 18 and 40 have more sexual partners than Android or BlackBerry users.

The site also found that the type of camera used to take a user's picture helped to gauge their "attractiveness," as determined by users of the site. Most smartphone cameras had a negative effect on the attractiveness of the phone, but Apple's iPhone was one of the few smartphones found to produce more attractive photos.

For comparison, the Palm Pre, Android handsets, BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile Devices, and handsets from Samsung, LG, Motorola and Nokia all decreased photo attractiveness.

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Last year, a study found that iPhone users were richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than users of other smartphones. Compiled from 32,228 working U.S. adults in 2008, the survey found that iPhone users are more educated and affluent than users of other smartphones.

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