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Apple to sell iLife, iWork apps individually via Mac App Store

Promotional screenshots of the forthcoming Mac App Store show the digital storefront will offer individual sales of iWork applications for $19.99, and software from the iLife suite for $14.99 each.

On Apple's official page for the Mac App Store, the three newly updated iLife '11 applications — iPhoto, GarageBand and iMovie — are all shown available for purchase at a price of $14.99 each. Together, the three applications would cost about $45, or $4 less than the suggested price of $49 for iLife '11.

However, iLife '11 also ships with iWeb and iDVD. Though they remain part of the iLife bundle, those applications were not updated in the latest version of the software suite.

The Mac App Store also shows applications from Apple's productivity suite, iWork, available for purchase and download. The iWork applications — Pages, Numbers and Keynote — come in $5 higher than their iLife counterparts, costing $19.99 each.

The iWork pricing would be a discount from the boxed bundle, which Apple sells for $79. The 2009 bundle includes the same three applications: Keynote, Pages and Numbers.

Currently, applications found in iLife and iWork for the Mac cannot be purchased individually. All of the software can only be acquired by obtaining the respective bundle.

Apple first began selling iWork applications separately, however, on its mobile App Store for the iPad. The multi-touch versions of applications in the productivity suite sell for $9.99 each, and have remained among the top-selling iPad applications since Apple's tablet launched earlier this year.

The Mac App Store will be coming to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in the next three months, Apple announced on Wednesday. Like on the iOS App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, developers will keep 70 percent of what they sell, while Apple will take a 30 percent cut.