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Black Friday iOS devices: Apple TV for $79.99, 8GB iPod touches for $199.99

For iOS devices, Apple's Black Friday sale remains the place to turn for some of the most material discounts with a few exceptions, such as $79.99 Apple TVs and $199 8GB iPod touches promoted elsewhere. [Update: the Apple TV deal has sold out]

Apple TV

As can be seen in AppleInsider's iOS Pricing Guide below, MacConnection is running an exclusive on the new Apple TV, selling it for $79.99 with a strict limit of 1 per customer while supplies last. [Update: this deal has sold out.] The deal, which is similar to the reseller's $100 savings on the 2.40GHz Mac mini ($599), is the lowest price we've seen and expect to see.


Meanwhile, is offering $29 off the 8GB iPod touch, which is the lowest price we've seen. The online big-box reseller on Thursday held the best prices on the remained of Apple's iPod line but has since raised its prices. As such, Apple's Black Friday sale is extending the best discounts the rest of the iPod touches (up to $51 off), as well as the iPod nano (up to $21 off).


Unfortunately, supply concerns have prompted Apple not to authorized resellers to take orders for the iPad online, so the product is not yet included in the price guide. Although iPads are listed on Amazon, they are priced above MSRP and sold online through other parties. Therefore, the best deals on iPads ($41 off) come from Apple, in addition to the MiFi bundle deals offered by Verizon.

16GB + MiFI
32GB + MiFI
64GB + MiFI
iPad + Verizon MiFi
iPad + Verizon MiFi $629.99 $729.99 $829.99