Black Friday Macs: Save up to $130 on MacBook Airs, $150 on MacBooks, $270 on MacBook Pros, $180 on iMacs, $100 on Mac minis and $400 on Mac Pros

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Apple has launched its Black Friday sale in the US offering $101 off a handful of Macs, though the company's resellers have responded by besting those discounts — sometimes by more than double — by offering up to $150 off white MacBooks, $270 off MacBook Pros, $180 off iMacs, $130 off MacBook Airs and $100 off Mac minis.

Apple's Black Friday sale offers $101 off MacBook Pros, iMacs and 13-inch MacBook Airs, in addition to $41 off iPads, up to $21 off iPod nanos, and up to $41 off iPod touches, plus a handful of accessory deals. In every case but the iPad, however, resellers have well undercut Apple, as can be seen in AppleInsider's Mac Pricing Guide, below.

White 13-inch MacBooks

For its part, MacConnection (Black Friday sale) maintains the lowest price on the sole white MacBook, blowing out units at $849.99 ($149 discount).

MacBook Airs

Meanwhile MacMall, which recently received an 87 point "recommended" reseller rating from Consumer Reports, has teamed up with AppleInsider to offer its readers an additional, exclusive 2% discount off Apple's new family of MacBook Airs when using the links in this article or the price guide. Unlike MacConnection, whose deals are tied to mail-in-rebates, MacMall's Black Friday savings all run off instant discounts, meaning the prices you see on the reseller's website are the prices you pay, no rebates needed.

The exclusive coupons on the Airs bring the bringing the 1.40GHz 11" MacBook Air 64GB to $929.04 ($70 savings), the 1.40GHz 11" MacBook Air 128GB to $1,116.22 ($83 savings), the 1.86GHz 13" MacBook Air 128GB to $1,174.04 ($125 savings), and the 1.86GHz 13" MacBook Air 256GB to $1,468.04 ($131 savings). These are the lowest prices we've seen or expect to see across the MacBook Air line.

MacBook Pros

For MacBook Pros, MacConnection continues to extend the best deals across the board with its mail-in-rebates. Among the standouts are the 2.66GHz 13" MacBook Pro for $1,299 ($200 savings), the 2.4GHz 15" MacBook Pro for $1,599 ($200 savings), the 2.53GHz 15" MacBook Pro for $1,579 ($240 savings), and the 2.53GHz 17" MacBook Pro for $2,029 ($270 savings).


Similarly, MacConnection also maintains the best prices on iMacs, offering the 3.06GHz 21.5" iMac for $1,049.00 ($150 savings), the 3.20GHz 21.5" iMac for $1,349 ($150 savings), the 3.20GHz 27.0" iMac for $1,529 ($170 savings), and the 2.80GHz 27.0" iMac quad-core for $1,819.00 ($180 savings).

Mac minis

For Mac minis, MacConnection is offering the 2.40GHz Mac mini for $599 ($100 savings), with a strict limit of 1 per customer. Amazon, however, has matched the $599 pricing without imposing a limit. For the 2.66GHz Mac mini Server, MacMall, Amazon, and B&H Photo have the lowest pricing at $954 ($45 savings).

Mac Pros

When it comes to Mac Pros, a handful of resellers are offering similar pricing on the 2.80GHz 4-Core and 2.40GHz 8-Core models. For its part, MacMall has taken $400 off the high-end 2.66GHz 12-Core Mac Pro

All of these discounts and others can be seen in AppleInsider's Mac Pricing Guide, which is also republished below. The lowest prices are highlighted in bold links and the total discount compared to Apple's suggested retail price can be seen on the far right in red.

It should also be noted the both MacConnection and MacMall are offering free shipping and free printers with each Mac purchase. MacMall is also offering a free copy of Parallels Desktop 6 with each Mac purchase. Both offers are tied to rebates.