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Apple products appeared in 30% of all top movies in 2010

Apple product placements appeared 30 percent of the top films of 2010, more than any other brand, including Nike, Chevrolet and Ford, which all tied for second place with placement in 24 percent of the top movies.

Placement of Apple's Macs, iPhones and iPods and other products in films resulted in the company being cited for the "2010 Award for Overall Product Placement" by Brandcameo.

Arranging to put its products in conspicuous sight in films is nothing new for the company, which has maintained the top spot among brands over the past decade, with cameos in 112 of the top 334 most popular movies in America since 2001.

Macs have conspicuously shown up in films ranging from StarTrek IV, where character Montgomery Scott goes back in time to 1986 and uses a Macintosh Plus to show engineers how to build transparent aluminum, to Independence Day in 1996, where a PowerBook is used to upload a lethal virus into the system of attacking aliens.

Apple has also prominently placed its products in other mediums, including TV shows such as the set of the long running Seinfield series, where Jerry Seinfeld's Macintosh evolved in the background throughout the 90s.

The report by BrandChannel noted that Apple's placements have scaled down over the last two years however, but not because Apple is giving up on placements. Instead, the report noted, "other brands are taking a page from its playbook and aping Apple's product placement strategy. Films that previously would have been dominated by Apples are now filled with HP, Dell and Sony Vaio logos."

It added that Sony Pictures has worked to rid its movies of any Apple logos, substituting its own Sony Vaio products instead. It also noted that some films have depicted Apple's products even when they were under contract to promote another brand, such as "Sex in the City 2," which depicted both a MacBook and iPhone despite the film's sponsorship deal with HP.