82% of future tablet buyers say they'll choose Apple's iPad

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A new survey shows Apple poised to dominate the tablet market yet again in 2011 with the iPad 2, as 82 percent of future tablet buyers said they would choose Apple's iPad over competing options like the Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook.

ChangeWave on Thursday released the results of a poll it conducted in February of 3,091 consumers, before the iPad 2 was even announced. While 82 percent of those who plan to buy a tablet chose Apple's iPad, just 4 percent went with the Xoom, 3 percent with the PlayBook, and 3 percent for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The number who want to buy the iPad has only grown since last November, when 80 percent of respondents said they wanted Apple's touchscreen tablet. At the time, 8 percent said they were waiting for the RIM PlayBook.

The new survey also revealed that owners of the first-generation iPad remain extremely pleased with their purchase. The poll shows that 70 percent of those who bought the first iPad are "very satisfied" with the device, while another 25 percent said they are "somewhat satisfied." Only 2 percent considered themselves to be "somewhat unsatisfied," leaving 2 percent who said they "don't know."

The poll also found that consumer interest in tablets is growing. Of those surveyed, 27 percent said they plan on buying a tablet device in the future, up from 25 percent in November 2010. In the next 90 days, 5 percent of respondents said they plan to buy a tablet.

The survey also indicated that the AT&T iPad is a more popular option for a 3G-connected iPad versus Verizon's offering, with AT&T taking 24 percent of iPad buyers versus 17 percent from Verizon. But it should also be noted that when the survey was conducted, the iPad was not available with integrated 3G from Verizon, and the carrier was bundling the tablet with a MiFi hotspot.

ChangeWave 2

Most respondents who plan to buy an iPad will not opt for the 3G model. ChangeWave's survey found that 28 percent said they will get an iPad without wireless service, with 19 percent of purchases coming from Apple and 9 percent from retail partners like Best Buy, Walmart or Target.