Mysterious 'ix.Mac.MarketingName' listed as supported Apple device for iOS apps

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A number of universal applications on the iOS App Store have listed an unknown product placeholder name — "ixMac.MarketingName" — as a compatible device, fueling speculation that Apple could be poised introduce apps on a new device.

The App Store bug has appeared under the compatible devices list for a number of universal applications, or software that runs on Apple's entire range of iOS devices — the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The glitch, appearing with the iOS application Prompt, was first publicized by MacRumors.

The unknown product "ix.Mac.MarketingName" does not appear on all universal App Store applications, as MyVoice Communication Aid, which relies on GPS data and voice input, and Bing for iPad, which is not a universal application, do not include the listing. But many other universal applications, like Marvel Comics, do feature "ix.Mac.MarketingName."

That led Engadget to suggest that "ix.Mac.MarketingName" is more than just a glitch, and perhaps a placeholder for a new supported device that will run software from the App Store.

In addition to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Apple does have one more iOS-based device that does not have support for native applications: the new second-generation Apple TV. Rumors leading up to that device's announcement last year suggested that Apple would include access to the App Store on its iOS-based set top box.

Apple has allowed third-party iOS applications on mobile devices to utilize the Apple TV via its wireless streaming protocol dubbed AirPlay. Support for AirPlay in third-party applications came with the release of iOS 4.3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in March.

Applications that add the AirPlay feature can stream both audio and video to the new Apple TV, which is powered by the same A4 processor found inside the iPhone 4 and first-generation iPad. But those applications must be run from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and cannot be downloaded to or accessed from the Apple TV itself.